ARLINGTON, Texas – Jerry Jones showed a lot of love for LeBron James, inviting the NBA MVP to be his guest at the Cowboys’ season opener Sunday night, when James roamed the field during pregame warmups and watched the win over the Giants from a luxury suite. 

Cowboys fans, on the other hand, didn’t exactly give King James a warm welcome. 

The AT&T Stadium sellout crowd, which obviously included a lot of Mavericks fans, booed when James was shown on the massive video boards during a timeout in the second half. James playfully took off his Cowboys cap and pointed to it in a I-come-in-peace kind of gesture, but that didn’t do much to quiet the boos. 

Apparently the 2011 Finals – and the mocking of a sick Dirk Nowitzki by James and Dwyane Wade – are still fresh on folks’ minds in the Metroplex. 

The boos didn’t seem to spoil the night for James. His Cowboys won, and he celebrated the victory by running pass routes with his friends on the field after midnight. 

James, a former high school football star, posted a picture on Instagram of him dunking over the crossbar. 

Would definitely be my 1st TD celebration! #DreamChasing #LetsFly 

— LeBron James (@KingJames) September 9, 2013


The thought of James’ NFL potential has certainly crossed the Cowboys’ mind. Dez Bryant said this summer he thought James could be “a beast” in the NFL with a couple of weeks to prepare. On his KRLD-FM radio show Friday, Jones joked that he wished he could get James suited up to play tight end. 

Maybe that’s the only way James could win over fans around here. Heck, these folks cheered for Terrell Owens when he wore a star on his helmet.

my thoughts

  I have to say i was one of many booing at Cowboys Stadium when i saw LBJ on the field. The one thing i really hate is he owns one of the high dollar suites a Cowboys Stadium , last season he only attended three games , so 5 times his suite was empty. I understand he cant be there every week but i do not understand why he doesnt fill it with Cowboys fans . He should do something like put 20 or so less fortunate children in it , those kids would remember this  for a lifetime, and it would be 20 more fans to make it louder in worlds greatest stadium!!!



                      thanks for reading 

                         Kelly Wood


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