Odds of the Dallas Cowboys signing that key 2013 NFL Free agent that will instantly help them make it over the hump are very slim. If fact, it might not even be possible.

Tony Romo 3 Cowboys are strapped for cash, need help from RomoThe Cowboys are $26 million over the salary cap and have to restructure and release several players in order to just break even.

As of December, the Cowboys had $132 million tied up in cap space on 44 players and still had to account for the remaining $5 million penalty for previous sanctions.

The Cowboys are counting onTony Romo and Brandon Carr to sign extensions that would reduce the cap hit.

By reworking the contract of corner Brandon Carr, set to count $16.3 million against the cap, it would save around $10.5 million. Still leaving another $16 million over the cap, quarterback Tony Romo also currently accounts for $16.8 million. Restructuring Romo’s contract could cut the number in half, but still leaves Miles Austin and especially Anthony Spencer who they must re-sign.

Other players that could be released include Doug Free, Jay Ratliff, Dan Connor and Orlando Scandrick.



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