Cowboys’ Chances of Making the Postseason

At NBC, I broke down the Cowboys’ probability of reaching the playoffs. Spoiler alert: it isn’t good.

First, take a look at the remaining schedules for the Cowboys (5-6), Redskins (5-6), and Giants (7-4):

Cowboys: Philadelphia, @Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, @Washington

Redskins: New York Giants, Baltimore, @Cleveland, @Philadelphia, Dallas

Giants: @Washington, New Orleans, @Atlanta, @Baltimore, Philadelphia

The question for Dallas really boils down to “Will 9-7 win the division?” Nine wins is the magic number for the ‘Boys, even though it almost certainly won’t land a Wild Card spot. Remember, there are six teams with records as good or better than Dallas that aren’t leading their divisions. The Packers, Vikings, Bucs, and Seahawks all have at least six wins, and you’d think at least two of those squads will be able to reach the 10-win mark or beat Dallas in a tiebreaker (Seattle owns the head-to-head tiebreaker over Dallas, while the ‘Boys have it over Tampa Bay). Ultimately, though, 10 wins will almost certainly guarantee a playoff berth, while nine wins probably won’t grab a Wild Card spot. The Cowboys’ playoff hopes ride on winning the division.

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