Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones vows his team will beat Giants this season

Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 11:44 AM     Updated: Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 11:51 AM
jerry_jones_cowboys_giants.JPGJayne Kamin-Oncea/US PresswireDallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said at a ceremony to open training camp his team will “beat the Giants’ asses” in Texas this season.

ALBANY, N.Y. – This is something I saw come across Twitter on Monday night and figured it would be a hot topic today once the dust settled from the Terrell Thomas injury news. So here we go.

Jerry Jones says his Dallas Cowboys will beat the Giants this season.


“Y’all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants’ asses,” the Cowboys’ owner said during a ceremony to open the team’s camp on Monday, per ESPN Dallas.

That ceremony, by the way, included skydivers. Yeah. Really. So it seems like it was a pep-rally type atmosphere and, as we all know from Tom Brady’s unrealized promise to New England Patriots fans, people tend to puff up their chests at those things and throw out one-liners not necessarily intended as slights toward a specific person or team.

Too late.

Anyway, the Giants will face the Cowboys in Texas on Oct. 28. The first meeting between the teams will be in Jersey on Sept. 5 to kick off the NFL season.

The Giants won both games against Dallas last season – a 37-34 victory in Cowboys Stadium sealed by a blocked field goal by Jason Pierre-Paul and an easy 31-14 Week 17 victory to win the NFC East. They’re also 3-0 in Cowboys Stadium.

* * * *

Looks like I forgot to mention here today is a day off for the Giants’ players, so we won’t have the standard updates. I’ll have a story in Wednesday’s paper and on the site here just as soon as I figure out which of the ones I’ve reported I feel like dropping.

Two notes first tweeted by Ralph Vacchiano on his account I’ve confirmed:

–Thomas is headed to California today for the consultation with Robert Ting the Giants said would occur. I’m not sure if he’ll meet with Ting today or is traveling today and will meet with him on Wednesday. Either way, he’s headed out there.

–Tests confirmed LB Michael Boley’s hamstring issue isn’t a major one. He’ll be fine.

Mike Garafolo: mgarafolo@starledger.com



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Maybe he was drunk again……..



Jerry…Don’t hate the players…hate the game!!!



I believe these teams are heading in two completely different directions and I like the direction we’re heading. I also believe that if the Cowboys don’t win the division or go at least second round into the playoffs this year we will see Jerry blow that team up although I’m sure they’ll keep Amani’s favorite QB.


low country Giant

I think Eli should sign his name on Cowboy stadium after ever Gman win:


2009- Eli Manning thanks for the memories
2010- Eli Manning, I love this place especially the big screen TV
2011- Eli Manning, Is JPP just too much… WHOMP!
2012- Eli Manning, Hey, Jerry, close the window. It’s cold in here. 10/28/12



Thanks for the pep talk Jerry!



Jerry Jones, all hat and no cattle!



Nice. Fits JJ perfectly……



Talk is cheap. Put up or shut up. Jones likes to talk – he has a lot of seats to fill. The Gmen like to play.
Romo will be running for his life – you can bet on it. This year will look like last year and the Boys will be looking up to the Gmen in awe.



Having just spent time in Dallas last week, I have to tell you that it is not just idle talk from Mr. Jones. The ‘Boys fans I spoke to in Dallas are just as fired up as the owner – they are all keyed in on beating the G-Men this year. Not edging them out in a thriller – I mean a thrashing. It is a particularly sore point in the heart of TX.



I sometimes feel bad for all the Cowboy fans. Jerry Jones is a buffoon. A rich man,team owner, President, and GM……but still a buffoon. Why doesn’t he just shut up and keep a low-profile? When is he going to realize that he is the main reason that the Cowboys have been unable to put it all together and make a real run into the playoffs. We (Giant fans) don’t like to admit–but they have some decent talent down in big D—but beginning with their owner/president/GM through their ineffective head-coaching (often overshadowed and/or undermined by JJ)–have been unable to draft, trade-for, develop, integrate, control, focus, prepare and motivate their 53 guys to play consistently to their potential. They just haven’t been able to get it done over the course of a season, year in and year out during the recent past. This year will be no different. Yes they may beat us this year–they are certainly due, but i just don’t see them doing anything great–not with that meddling knucklehead coming down on the Cowboy sideline for every game.


One of my favorite videos from last year is the shot of the Dallas owner’s box, following JPP’s blocked punt—-all you see is JJ turning his back to the field in disgust and walking away. Sorry JJ—need to stay and take it like a man….. Go Gmen.



“blocked FG”



It’s probably true that the rebuilt Cowboys secondary – which never did figure out how to cover Hakeem Nicks, even with 2 guys – is better than last season. But that’s not saying much at all. They have OL issues, they are thin at WR with Robinson gone, etc.


JJ can mouth off all he wants. I love it when we stuff all his words back down his throat. One of my fondest memories of the 2007 playoff run was that shot of him on the sideline, just before the end of the win down there in the divisional round, looking like he was ready to hurl.


So keep talking, JJ, you can afford to give out some free entertainment.



Sounds like Jerry might be worried about ticket sale’s!!! I know the stadium is great, but I think their PSL’s are double the Giants.



The Jets will make it to the Superbowl, maybe after Belichick retires.


The Eagle fans are already making Superbowl reservations. They will be disappointed.



Jerry. Go back to your palace in Arlington and keep dreaming.



Wow his team will beat another team! What a declaration. If he really was confident, he would have guaranteed a super bowl! DOPE!


Big Boy

Seriously ? We are talking about an NFL team that hasn’t won a playoff game in over “TWENTY YEARS” you do realize that people in Texas and the south in general hate people from NJ and NY. Some franchises talk while others produce, you can dominate all year and then lose the Super Bowl so it all means nothing



My man don’t make yourself look foolish,I am not a Cowboys fan but they did WIN a playoff game a couple of years ago when they beat the Eagles 34-14.



jerry, jerry, jerry,,,, are you still pickin your nose?



The question for Jerry is: Can you please try and make it through a game without picking your nose?



Cowboys will never be our greatest challenge nor hated rivalry… Eagles are by far most Hated… Sorry Jets but we Hate Eagles more than demons hate psychiatric medication lol. This is just a ploy to fill the stadium who wants to see Tony Nomo anyways… I think the most hated teams for Giants are in this order:


1. Eagles
2. Saints (I hate them more than Eagles)
3. Jets
4. Patriots
5. Cowgurls



RBC, I can tell you from living in the DFW area that the Cowboys fans and team already consider us their biggest rivalry. After we beat their 13-3 team on the way to SB 42 in the old stadium combined with the fact that Eli is undefeated in the new one makes them crazy.


The Giants are the ruler by which they measure their success…or lack thereof.

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I live in Patriot country… everyone @my church, neighborhood, work etc… patriot fans @times I hate them worse..



Well…that explains it. Us Giants fans down here in NYC and surrounding area heard alot from Jets fans from play-offs of 2009 season right thru Christmas Eve last year…..than the Jet fans got mostly quiet!!!



I live in Dallas and I know what Jerry is doing. Trust me, many of the fans here have EXTREMELY low expectations of their Cowboys. After 14 years of them delivering nothing even my wife is considering switching from the Boys to the Giants (believe me we have had many arguments over these teams). She and a lot of her friends are sick of hearing SB promises over and over again. Jerry was talking to his team trying to pump them up and do his best Jimmy Johnson imitation. Unfortunately for him the Giants may have been the only ones listening.



Jerry means in checkers…



Who cares what Dale Gribble says…





For all those telling fans to ignore this. You seem to forget that Every year and I mean EVERY year most NFL pundits have the “boys” finishing over the Giants. Also Jones is not pragmatic. Spitting on the fans and players year in and year out shouldn’t be ignored from him using eminent domain on old ladies to build his new stadium, to saying the difference between the cowboys winning the superbowl was eli manning over Romo. The guy is a horses a$$ and if fans want to react to it let them Jones has earned it. I love it. Keep proving me right Jerry.



Yeah OK….and the Jets will make it to the Superbowl….hahahahahahahahaha!



Was this the same interview where he takes about “wanting some glory hole”?


If anyone hasn’t seen it yet…go to youtube and search for “Jerry Jones glory hole”. The funniest thing I’ve ever heard at a football press conference…and it makes the Cowboys look like idiots…so it was awesome!!!



Jerry is just trying to rile up the troops, but I’m pretty sure the lasting images of us winning the SB for the second time in four years has destroyed his spring and summer this year.


What the Giants did was have the vet players, the Mannings, O-C’s, the Tuck’s, the Ki-ki’s, to come together, lead the team and play at a very high level to beat three of the top four NFC teams last year (Atlanta, 10-6; GB, 15-1, and SF, 13-3) and then beat NE (13-3) who was the best AFC team in 2011 by record en-route to a SB.


If Jerry really wants to rile -up the troops, beat the Giants and win a SB, he needs to get better players. And since he’s GM and the “under-head coach”, I guess that’s on him.



This kind of talk has been going on now for a while.As much as I respect the Giants and their accomplisements they are not innocent all the time and you guys know it.I have heard Rolle,Jacobs[when he was there]Osi, and a few others guarenteeing a few things here and there.Justin Tuck probably the most respected Giant even said he did not have a problem with what Vick said.Even Brady and them thats nothing saying see you at the parade and all,thats just guys pumping their fans up.I agree the Giants last yr. SB champs,they earned it,they are the champions but every time a player says his team is good,or maybe we can win it all,or if the media does not pick the Giants to win the division,the Giants or their fans should not feel slighted or dis-respected.I mean its the nature of the game,you have to show a little confidence in your own team.



This comment from Jerry Jones shouldn’t be taken to heart, like RU2003 said, it’s just a comment to pump up the fans and nothing more. Look on the bright side, if we lose twice to the Cowboys what does that mean. We lost to the Redskins twice lat year and won the Super Bowl, now if we lose to the Cowboys 3 times this season, then we should have a problem……In Reese We Trust




Filipino G-MEN fan

LMFAO!!! Can somebody wake up Jerry from his dream?….



As if we need anymore ammo to hate this guy. Did anyone catch Jones glory hole comments? I think he’s on his way to senility.



Let them all talk. The G-Men will quietly go about their business of winning.


The recent-vintage Cowboys lack the Giants’ championship pedigree, and Jones knows that. He’s just a hater.



There is not a bigger jackass in all of professional sports than Jackass Jerry Jones. He is totally incompetent as a GM, which is why the Boys have won a grand total of 1 playoff game in the last 15 years. Any success he ever had (i.e., > 15 years ago) should be credited to Jimmy Johnson and not to Jackass Jerry!



jerry’s made a few good moves as a GM, but for the most part the best players on the team are the leftovers from the parcells/jeff ireland era (romo, witten, ware, austin) when jerry surrendered GM duties

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