Poll: Like it or not, Cowboys still have America’s heart

It won’t turn down the heat on Tony Romo , but at least he knows people care. 

The results of a recent Harris Poll show that the Dallas Cowboys rank as the NFL’s most popular team for the fifth year in a row. 

Pollsters generated results through an online survey of 2,462 adults. The study, orchestrated Sept. 12-19, indicates that America loves a winner, with the Packers, Steelers, Patriots and Bears rounding out the top five. 

It doesn’t take long for people to hop on the bandwagon, either, with the Detroit Lions rising 11 spots to No. 19 after spending last year buried at No. 30. The New York Jets and Washington Redskins finished tied for the No. 9 spot. 

Sorry, Jacksonville, but your Jaguars ranked last for the third consecutive year. No word on if David Garrard had a vote on this one. 

We look at these results, and it’s crystal clear: Dallas isn’t required to take the Super Bowl — or even win consistently — to command the nation’s attention. Whether or not you believe the “America’s Team” label is an outdated tag, it’s clear the Cowboys’ caravan of hype isn’t going away anytime soon.


Published: October 6, 2011 at 7:07 AM

Modified: October 6, 2011 at 1:19 PM


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Have stood on both STARS at both fifty yard lines! football fan of america's team the Dallas Cowboys

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