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Pilar Sanders, wife of former NFL star Deion Sanders, was released from the Colin County jail in Dallas after being held overnight.

Pilar Michelle Sanders was charged with assault family violence, after reportedly “attacking” her husband in the home they still share Monday night. Police arrested her at the scene.

According to Deion, the attack occurred as soon as he returned from spending time with his friend Tracey Edmonds (ex-wife of R&B singer “Babyface” Edmonds).

Deion tweeted that he had just gotten jumped by Pilar & her friends, then tweeted a photo of him and their sons filling out a police report.

Late Tuesday morning, Pilar was seen leaving the jail facilities and visibly shaken up. She denies ever attacking Deion, but the magistrate judge still ordered her to stay away from the couple’s suburban mansion for the next 60 days.

“I am innocent… I understand that I have very…

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